Ian TC: Bad in Bed

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Bad in Bed: from Arthritis to Insomnia

Having a bad nights sleep has an effect on your whole day:
Having not sleep well for 30+ years changes the way you see the world.
Throw in pain to keep you company and that ’s enough to send you over the edge.

Bad in Bed from Arthritis to Insomnia,
International award winning Tattoo Artist Ian The Comedian Brings you his new comedy show
exploring the world you see when you haven't slept well.

The highs and lows and the unexpected things that happens when your world view is just out of touch with everyone else.
The anger that explodes in crazy ways to sometimes even hallucinations!!

Natures way of making it easier for him to sleep "let’s give him Arthritis to keep him company!”

The show explores the long times alone with your thoughts when everyone else is asleep, the dumb things that keep you awake, and what you can do to deal with the boredom.
Loud and explosive, but always funny : Bad in Bed is one to see.

Fu*king Great ~ Tom Stade

Like a young Billy Connolly on Speed ~ The Stand

Taking place @
The Beehive Inn
Beehive 1 (The Lounge)
Venue 178

18-20 Grassmarket, EH1 2JU
Show: 1:30 pm

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