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John has been drawing ever since he was an itty bitty toddler, growing up he also got into painting, collage, ceramics, woodcarving, silkscreen and woodcut printing, photography, film and animation, basically any medium he could get his hands on. he was always enrolling in any courses that had to do with art and then in 1986 he landed an apprenticeship in Master Printmaker Giorgio Upiglio's renouned printshop in Milan, Italy., He ended up working for Upiglio up to 1999 learning all kinds of techniques to press ink into paper and meeting a whole universe of artists. In 1995 because of a tattoo magazine he started getting into drawing for tattoos for friends from which Maurizia Moro offered to teach him how to tattoo and it just took over his life.

Studio: Portugal. Phone:
+351 917836059. E-mail :

Black and Gray

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Colour Work

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Text tattoos

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